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Searching for Jaguar parts around New Haven? Don’t have time to spend hours shopping for your preferred components at our North Haven Jaguar Parts Store? Well, we here at Jaguar North Haven have the solution for you. In the rare chance you can’t find the accessories you need for your new or used Jaguar, you can always order Jaguar parts online.

As soon as they’re available for pickup, we’ll send you a notification. Our certified service technicians recognize the importance of using factory parts over aftermarket parts. So you can rest easy knowing that your car or SUV will be fitted with the parts intended by the manufacturer. Find out more about why you should order Jaguar parts below!

Why Order OEM Jaguar Parts vs. Aftermarket Parts?

OEM is an abbreviation for Original Equipment Manufacturer. The accessories for sale in our Jaguar Parts Store near Wallingford are made specifically by Jaguar for Jaguars. On the other hand, aftermarket auto parts are designed to be compatible with as many makes and models as possible. But what exactly makes OEM components preferable to cheap third-party components? Some of the best reasons to spend the extra dollar and invest in Jaguar OEM parts include:

  • Quality: Our OEM parts have been precision-engineered for your specific make and model. This means they will deliver the optimal fit and the superior performance you can rely on.
  • Selection: Because aftermarket auto parts are being made for every brand possible, there can be a huge and often confusing selection available if you are trying to shop by yourself. Genuine performance parts and replacements ensure that you are getting exactly what you need for your maintenance or repair needs.
  • Vehicle Warranty: Some auto manufacturers may void your warranty coverage if your vehicle is repaired with aftermarket parts.

Order Jaguar Parts Online and Pick Them Up in North Haven

Finding the right Jaguar OEM parts for your vehicle has never been easier. Simply fill out our order form above, and we’ll give you a call or send you a message whenever they’re ready for pickup. Furthermore, if you’d prefer to drive in from Branford and let our repairmen install your parts for you, you’ll want to schedule service before you stop by Jaguar North Haven.